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How Cirplus works

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1. Tell us what you need

Use our material request form to tell us what you are looking for. We source various materials, such as PP, HDPE for packaging, or engineering plastics like ABS and PA.

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2. We match you

With the help of our database, our expert team will find a suitable supplier that meets your technical and commercial requirements.

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3. Close the deal

Let us handle the negotiation, sample management and ultimately close the deal. We can also support you with the logistics.

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Our Pricing

For the initial search, we charge a fee of €250 to compensate for the time and resources dedicated, including initial quality control and pricing negotiations.

Upon closing the deal, we earn a commission from the transaction. If we close, we'll also refund the initial 250€ search fee.

Our ultimate goal is to make successful deals for all parties involved. We're a business too, but we only succeed if everyone's happy.

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