About Cirplus

The future of plastics is circular. Cirplus leverages digital technology to close the loop for plastics and put an end to plastic pollution. Our vision is that of 100% circular plastics, where not a gram of this valuable material ends up in the environment.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers of plastic waste feedstock and recyclates, facilitating smooth, end-to-end transactions. This not only enhances supply chain stability but also leads to substantial cost savings for all parties involved.

Through improved discovery, matching, trading and fullfilment, we unlock new markets for secondary hydrocarbons across the world. By aggregating data and standardizing recyclates as a tradable commodity, we pave the way for exploring the full potential of advanced digital technologies: AI-powered procurement processes in complex markets, bringing transparency and reliability to markets that have previously been underserved with technology.

The Cirplus team has a profound commitment to putting available technology to good use for our planet and society. We are proudly backed by some of the world's leading investors in network effects and climate tech.

Cirplus was founded in 2018 in Germany by Christian Schiller and Volkan Bilici. Headquarter in Hamburg, the company has raised more than 5M€ and attracted some of the most prolific companies in plastic processing and recycling as its first customers. A record number of 4 million tons of plastic material had been listed at the beginning of 2023, generated by more than 3000 registered companies across more than 100 countries. While based in Germany, the target has always been to serve our customers wherever they are in the world with their procurement and sales needs in circular plastics. 

Combining the digital with green change is at the core of what we do, thus strengthening each of these megatrends (“Twinning”). Cirplus has been recognized in 2023 by the German Goverment for its critical work by being named on of only 20 organizations to advise the government in drafting the National Circular Economy Strategy in Plastics. It has been awarded with numerous awards, most notably the National Standardization Award 2022 for DIN SPEC 91446 in the categories of sustainability and innovation; and the Green Tech Award 2022 as Best Start-up of the Year.

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Technology Advisory Board

Digitizing complex secondary material markets is a task that requires cooperation from experts deep within the industry. We are honored to be working with these distinguished individuals and institution on our Technical Advisory Board.

  • Prof. Hans-Josef Endres

  • Kunststoffinstitut Lüdenscheid

  • Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum

  • Prof. Thomas Hochrein