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10 July 2024

Statement on the draft of the National Circular Economy Strategy (NKWS)

As a startup in the digital circular plastics economy, Cirplus GmbH welcomes the draft NKWS. The key strategic objectives (2.2.) classify the NKWS as an instrument for doing business within planetary boundaries.

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igus engery chain and an arrow showing recyclates that are reused

1 July 2024

Embracing a Closed Loop Approach: Inspiration from igus

At Cirplus, we constantly hear from customers and partners eager to set up or pilot their own closed-loop initiatives. This blog post aims to inspire you by explaining the benefits and challenges of closed-loop recycling and sharing an exemplary case of a company that has successfully implemented their own system.

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plastic waste with a white bottle, red plastic film and smaller products

1 February 2024

Out with the old, in with the new

This blog post describes the need for a radical transformation of the plastics industry towards a circular economy in order to achieve global climate goals. This transformation requires the conversion of linear production facilities, massive investments in mechanical recycling and circular product design as well as comprehensive digitalization inspired by the pioneering spirits of past industrial generations.

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16 December 2023

To Tax or Not to Tax: That is the Question…

On Wednesday, the German government announced plans to eliminate climate-damaging subsidies and reallocate the EU "plastic tax" to the domestic value chain. This tax, introduced after Brexit to fill the EU budget gap, charges €800 per tonne of non-recycled plastic packaging, costing Germany €1.4 billion annually. Previously funded by taxpayers, the tax hasn't reduced poorly recyclable packaging as intended. This blog post explores the impact of this shift, the challenges in plastic recycling, and the need for a national plastic tax that promotes sustainable practices.

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