we are cirplus

and we are shaping the future of recycled plastics with technology

cirplus is the global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste feedstock.

Our team and technical partners have extensive experience in the manufacturing & recycling of thermoplastics. We know from first hand what it takes to build digital platforms and bring them to scale.

We are 100% independent and guard strict neutrality in our work. We are based in Germany, but our ambitions are truly global.

The founders of cirplus, Volkan Bilici and Christian Schiller, standing next to each other in front of a neutral background.
Plastic bottles in a paper bag in front of a green background outside.

**We are on a mission to make buying and selling recycled plastics easier and more efficient than ever before. **

We accomplish this goal with our next generation B2B-marketplace, connecting the plastic & recycling industries.

Efficiency, reliability in procurement, global reach, and standard-setting are just a few of the features that cirplus provides.


Christian Schiller, Co-Founder & CEO of cirplus

Christian Schiller

Co-Founder & CEO

Christian's vision is to unlock the full potential of the circular economy. Ever since his legs had been caught in a carpet of plastic trash off the coast of Colombia in 2018, he is dedicating his time and resources towards making plastic waste history. Prior to that, he has co-led the German section of the world’s largest digital ride-sharing platform, BlaBlaCar, for 4+ years with now more than 65 million users world-wide.

Volkan Bilici, Co-Founder & CTO of cirplus

Volkan Bilici

Co-Founder & CTO

Volkan is a web technologies veteran and an expert on all things blockchain. He is a big believer in the ‘wisdom of crowd’, which he likes to use in combination with blockchain tech to improve the circular economy. He has more than ten years experience in the IT industry, and has worked on leading projects such as Brickblock, Cubits and Frontier Car Group. He also has two years of experience in the plastics industry, having overseen automation of manufacturing processes in Turkey.

Technology Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Endres

Managing Director of the Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy (IKK) in Hanover

The Institute of Plastics and Circular Economy IKK considers in its research the entire life cycle of biobased and conventional plastics, from material development and characterization to application-oriented implementation & recycling.

Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

Plastic expertise since 1988

The plastic institute Lüdenscheid is one of the most experienced testing facility for plastics in Germany and internationally. Located in the heart of the German plastic industry, the institute delivers material and chemical analysis tailored to the customers needs.

Institut für Polymer- und Produktionstechnologien e.V.

Research and Development partner

The material development of thermoplastic polymers is one of the key competences of the institute. With its research activities in the field of plastics recycling, the IPT has been contributing significantly to the subject of sustainability and recycling management.

SKZ Das Kunststoff-Zentrum

Research and Development partner

The absolute neutrality and independence in combination with the expert knowledge accumulated for more than 55 years guarantees that the SKZ is an expert, competent and reliable partner for all questions on the subject of „plastics“.

Our vision is

to make plastics 100% circular.

We are only satisfied the moment no more plastics enters the environment, keeping this valuable material in the loop. To this end, we serve as the digital catalyst of the circular economy.

PET plastic bottles inside the blue recycling bin
Woman holding recycling bin with PET bottles separates plastic waste for recycling

Let’s make plastic waste history!

With our work, we will lower the transaction costs for recycled plastics and thus massively reduce the environmental footprint of plastics overall.

We are proud to be partners with


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