1. General

cirplus is the global marketplace for recyclates and plastic waste. You can buy & sell recycled plastics and plastic waste feedstock online with only a few clicks. Products range from unsorted waste to regranulates and compounds. We will soon be adding additives.

  • cirplus makes buying and selling of plastic waste feedstock easy and efficient. From waste to recyclates, compounds and additives with only a few clicks.
  • cirplus is 100% independent digital marketplace, i.e. we have no shareholders from the value chain of plastics. We guard strict neutrality and data integrity in all of our work;
  • cirplus is an end-to-end transaction platform. In contrast to pure listing websites, cirplus handles the major steps in the transaction on the platform, including logistics, credit insurance and communication;
  • cirplus sets standards for recyclates and in collaboration with DIN e.V.;
  • cirplus offers materials from all waste streams, including post-consumer and post-industrial
  • cirplus is a unique combination of proven digital expertise and plastics & recycling expertise through our strong partner network.
  • cirplus takes great care in the vetting of companies that can access the platform, to ensure professionalism and integrity. Should you - despite our efforts - encounter unprofessional behaviors, such as spamming, scraping or intransparency, please contact our customer service at sing

We are an online platform and therefore operate worldwide.

The majority of the shares are held by the two founders (Volkan Bilici and Christian Schiller). Moreover, cirplus is funded by a group of business angels and financial investors. cirplus is fully impartial and independent.

In our team and technical advisory board, we combine more than 100 years of plastics and digital expertise.

2. Registration & Fees

cirplus lowers your transaction costs for recycled plastics using digital technology. You profit from proven digital and technical plastics expertise and many additional benefits, e.g. traceable waste streams. You will be able to expand your market, save time, and maximise revenue with only a few clicks. Digitization and sustainability - easy and efficient via cirplus.

The following benefits are available to you by using cirplus:

  • For Waste Owners: Turn your waste into revenue and connect to a global demand
  • For Distributors/Traders: Get access to new supply of feedstocks as well as demand of the industry
  • For Recyclers / Compounders: Get access to new sources of feedstock, additives and recycling services
  • For Converters / Brand Owners: Configure your exact product needs for all industries

Register on this page with your name, email address and company name and you are all set up to start using the platform.

Registration & use is free of charge.

As a start-up, we do not charge anything for using the platform, except the offered consulting services. In the future, we will introduce a business model based on interactions with the platform. However, this will only be done the moment the platform delivers the value to you that justifies the introduction of a paying service. Currently, the only cost you have to pay is the price agreed between buyer and seller for the actual material.

The logistics costs are agreed upon between buyer and seller.

3. Marketplace

Once you are registered and logged in, you can:

  • Place an offer for recyclates, compounds, plastic waste feedstock and/or additives
  • Place a request for recyclates, compounds, plastic waste feedstock and/or additives
  • Search all available offers and requests directly
  • Contact the sellers/buyers directly on the platform
  • Upload photos and exchange data sheets directly per product and per customer - no need for messy email chains and phone calls
  • Manage procurement and sales for multiple production / waste facilities

As a B2B platform, all companies along the value chain of plastics in the business of buying or selling plastic waste, recyclates, compounds or additives can join.

In order to ensure safe transactions between buyers and sellers, cirplus verifies each user of the platform before they can perform a trade.

cirplus offers you more than just a platform to connect. You can use the platform to reach more potential buyers & sellers, communicate directly with them and benefit from cirplus’ expertise in the circular economy of recycled plastics. We will add further services step by step, to make the platform an invaluable asset to all sales and procurement departments along the value chain.

The recyclates market is very dynamic. One seller may not repeatedly have the requested material in the sought after quantities. cirplus offers you the possibility to constantly find a supply or demand to cover your needs and expand your business opportunities globally.

4. Products & Services

You can trade a wide range of plastic waste (feedstocks), additives, compounds and recycled plastics online. If you cannot find your requested material, you are able to place a request for the material you are looking for. If you still need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support at

Registered users can create product offers and requests, or can simply respond to existing listings on the marketplace. We offer you a safe, transparent platform to communicate with potential buyers/sellers. We will add further services step by step, to make the platform an invaluable asset to all sales and procurement departments along the value chain.

We are always aiming to offer registered users the best service available on the market. Therefore, we are looking for integrations and partnerships that drive us forward as a marketplace. Interested in steering the direction of our next steps? Join our pilot program or contact our customer support at with specific requests.

At cirplus, we strongly believe that great and useful products always begin with the users themselves. That is why we have created the pilot program. The objective of the pilot program is to develop the platform directly with, and for you – independently and with a proven track record to deliver. Logistics, credit insurance, and data analytics are just some of the features. Our pilot partners have a say in what step we will take next and to be part of shaping the future of trading recycled plastics.

5. Data & Security

Data privacy and security are very important priorities for cirplus. 1.) At cirplus we apply a strong SSL encryption to every information transmission between the user device and our server. Our SSL certificates are of the highest encryption quality and cirplus had to undergo several checks in order to obtain the certificates. 2.) Our marketplace is built on a very secure framework.We do regular penetration tests to measure and harden the potential vulnerabilities of our application. 3.) At cirplus we host our application in Germany in a AWS with very restrictive access control to the servers. Our server infrastructure is redundant so that in case of a fire or another incident the application starts to work from a different server and no data is lost.

6. Legal

The order or sale is only valid once the parties agree on the specific conditions of each trade. These are negotiated directly between the buyer and the seller. cirplus GmbH does not become a party to the actual transaction agreement. For all matters pertaining to the direct use of the platform, the General Terms and Conditions of cirplus GmbH apply.

The final contract is closed directly between the seller and the buyer. cirplus is not involved in the payment process.

You may contact our customer service team directly, by sending us an email to, by using our Contact Form or by giving us a call at +49 40 226 375-0