DIN SPEC 91446

The new standard for recycled plastics simplifies procurement and ensures quality. Download DIN SPEC 91446*
DIN SPEC 91446 label on recycled plastic big-bag
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DIN SPEC 91446 won the National Standardization Awards 2022 for Climate Protection and Innovation, awarded by the German Institute of Norms (DIN E.V.)

Cirplus is Setting Standards!

The new standards facilitate your procurement process by bringing transparency about the materials being traded. The data quality standards provide our industry with a common language for data quality that allows the parties trading recycled material to be more assertive and avoid misunderstandings.

Content Summary:

  1. Definitions PCR&PIR (Section 3)
  2. Data Quality Levels (DQLs) for Recyclates (Section 5)
  3. Recyclate Content Calculations (Section 6)
  4. Characterization of Plastic Waste Feedstock (Annex C)
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Benefits for buyers & sellers

DIN benefits

Improved Quality Control

DIN SPEC 91446 provides clear guidelines for the classification and description of recycled plastic, helping buyers to ensure that they are getting the quality of material they require.

The standard provides a common language for the communication of material specifications, making it easier for buyers to understand the characteristics and properties of the materials they are purchasing.

The standard requires that information about the origin, composition, and processing of recycled plastic is provided in order to give buyers more transparency about the materials they are purchasing.

The standard provides a framework for compliance with regulatory requirements related to the use of recycled plastics.

By adhering to the standard, sellers can demonstrate their commitment to quality and transparency, enhancing their reputation in building trust with buyers.

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DIN SPEC 91481 is in the making...

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* DIN e.V. requires you to be a registered cirplus users before you can download the DIN SPEC.